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Alhená, also known as Alina Axinte, is an exciting new up-and-coming artist from Bucharest, Romania. The rising star is fluent in three languages English, Romanian, and Italian all of which help her create music that caters to audiences from all these diverse backgrounds. The warmth and timber in the musician’s voice coupled with an exceptional storytelling ability distinguish her as a beacon of hope in this musical industry. Alina prides herself in producing music that puts the audience in a good mood, helping them escape from their hectic daily routine and personal problems by relaxing them. The sense of community and belonging created brings solace and hope to keep the masses hooked forever long.

Discover my new interview on Spotify which allowed me to tell more about my musical journey and the latest unreleased Free Fall 


Alina Axinte, now living in Rome, is a happily married mother of three wonderful sons and the Director of Studies/Manager of the Parioli English School, a Cambridge and IELTS preparation center. Apart from her passion for teaching, education, and culture, in her free time, the singer loves writing music and taking singing lessons to improve her vocal skills.

Alina has been passionate about music since the tender age of 7 when she attended a school of music to play classical piano. Studying music sparked the young star’s imagination and creativity. Spurned by her father’s jubilant enthusiasm towards such a pursuit, the singer continued her musical journey. At the age of 12, she composed her first piece of piano music and later, in her first years of adolescence, her father who was also a musician at heart, helped with the lyrics of her first original pop song. In addition, during the middle and high school years, she was the lead singer of the school orchestra participating in various music contests. Following this, in her twenties, she continued her music journey with some bands, but also attended classes of traditional local dances with “Corona Carpatilor”, a famous group who performed in many European festivals.


Since 2019 the eclectic star has decided to produce music professionally, releasing a total of 7 songs, 4 videos, and 3 music projects. Interestingly, during the lockdown, she enthusiastically gave her contribution performing the song “Oh, Happy Days!” in a virtual choir with 516 singers and 2 American lead gospel singers. For this national online live event, she had the chance to be interviewed just before the premiere release of the gospel on May, 31st, 2020 at 9:00pm. The performance was streamed on Facebook, Youtube and other social nets. Relevant importance was also given by the media to this international cooperation. Her original songs have also been awarded with certificates in the prestigious United Kingdom Songwriting Contest. Over the last year, Alhená has also had her songs aired in the USA or on Spotify playlists. As well as participating in the Italian contest TMF, in February the artist has been invited to Sanremo Discovery event.


Some of the singer’s future projects include “Change Is In The Air”, “Free Fall”, and “Oriunde ai file”. “Change Is In The Air” is an amazingly rhythmic song representing an empowering message and protest in favor of the conservation of the planet, environment sustainability, and the acquisition of a new mindset towards one’s surroundings. The song itself represents the artist’s social commitment to raise awareness and sensitivity in support of climate change. Another new project to be realeased in 2023 “Free Fall” maps the tumultuous emotions one feels when one realizes, with a broken heart, that it’s time to leave their lover. The song ponders over the missed opportunity to share genuine feelings, but the protagonist does remember the positive side of the relationship accepting the lesson. Instead “Oriunde ai fii”, the Romanian version of the original “I want to be” already on YouTube and other music socials, boasts new arrangement of the original love song dedicated by the singer to her husband which focuses on expressing gratitude for the bliss that is in the songwriter’s life due to his presence.

The rising star’s most notable musical inspirations include artists such as Alicia Keys and Freddie Mercury, who use innovative musical rhythms with exceptional vocals to keep the audience irresistibly hooked to the symphonies that they produce. As a gospel, blues, and jazz music lover Alina has made use of many notable opportunities to collaborate with artists that profess the same interests. Her single “HèXiè” (Harmony) is a masterful musical production created with a jazzy, groove sound that makes everyone sway to and fro. Additionally, “Will You Wait For Me” is a brilliant production made in collaboration with Seby Burgio, one of the most talented and highly-regarded jazz pianists and musicians. This single truly displays the artist’s mastery over the pop genre.

Conclusively, Alhená incorporates the themes of life, love, and empowerment with melodious tunes that provide listeners with a unique avenue for solace and comfort, a quality that cements her as a welcome new addition to an industry seeped in redundancy!


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